MacOs install with homebrew:

brew install txn2/tap/kubefwd

Get a list of service forwarding options:

kubefwd help svc

Forward services in the example namespace:

sudo -E kubefwd svc -n example


brew upgrade kubefwd


Get the latest rpm, deb or snap packages from Github including binary releases for Linux, Windows and MacOs. Support for AMD64 and ARM architectures.


This option does not require sudo to run, however named services will only be available from within the docker container.

docker run --rm --name fwd -v "$HOME/.kube/config:/root/.kube/config" -it txn2/kubefwd:1.4.10 svc

Assuming you have a service named ok listening on port 80, in another terminal issue a curl command from the running container:

docker exec fwd curl -s http://ok:80


Compiling from source requires Go:

mkdir -p ~/go/src/
git clone [email protected]:txn2/kubefwd.git ~/go/src/
cd ~/go/src/
git checkout 1.4.10
GOBIN=~/bin go install -ldflags="-X main.Version=1.4.10" ./cmd/kubefwd/kubefwd.go
~/bin/kubefwd version